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A collection of online practices to support you in navigating the cyclical nature of your being

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How to work with these practices

If you currently don't have a Menstrual cycle, then tune in to the moons cycle instead, using the time of New Moon as day 1 when referring to the practices.

I recommend starting on the first day of your next period (day 1) or the next New Moon, starting with the Inner Winter practice.

A little more about the Seasons

 Like the seasons of the year, through the month of your menstrual cycle you move through an inner winter, spring, summer and autumn and back to winter again.

In a classic 28-day cycle:

  • The inner winter is approximately day 27 to day 5

  • The inner spring is approximately day 6 to day 11

  • The inner summer is approximately day 12 to day 19

  • The inner autumn approximately day 20 to day 26


The important thing is to get to know and follow your own cycle experience, and discover the season changing moments for yourself. If you don't already, I recommend starting to keep a diary to record how you feel as you move through your cycle, to bring attention to any patterns emerging, I have found this practice invaluable and so eye opening!

I have also put together some journaling prompts you can use as you move through your cycle to offer some space for

inner inquiry and reflection.

'As you bring consciousness to and care for each season in turn, you restore the order of the cycle, your inner ecology, and with that create a feeling of greater ease and pleasure, coherence and effectiveness in using your power.'

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