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A monthly membership to support mind, body & soul

Welcome, my intention for this site is to offer you a safe,  nurturing space to be open, explore, listen, examine and connect. Meet yourself exactly where you are through movement, meditation, the wisdom of nature and the magic of conscious breath.

I am currently taking a pause from teaching weekly in-person classes due to family commitments, but I would love for you to join me here in this space.

Inhale Love,
Exhale Gratitude


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Unlimited access to an ever growing library of resources
Class lengths ranging from 10 to 60 mins
Suitable for all bodies/experience levels
Practice from the comfort of your own home
(or even bed) at a time that suits you
Just £12 a month!

One week free trial, cancel anytime
Not sure its for you? try one of the practices now for free.



'I have been going to Nikki for a few years now and she has always run her classes with everyone's needs and abilities in mind. The classes are nourishing for the mind, body and soul. I recently attended her first extended class back since the lifting of restrictions and as usual she didn't disappoint. All safety guidelines were observed but it was still an amazingly relaxing experience.'


'I first joined Nikki's yoga practice as a complete beginner with no idea what to do! I was feeling very self concious but instantly Nikki made me feel welcome and I soon understood it was a safe place to learn, explore and accept what I am able to give to the session. Nikki encourages us to be curious and explore postures but to accept what is available and not to compare yourself with anyone else or even yourself on a different day. I have gained a new insight into myself, and I find the practice so calming yet energising at the same time. I am loving yoga and that is all thanks to Nikki's providing a safe and stress-free environment.' 


'Nikki is a wonderful yoga teacher and her ability to create an environment in which everyone feels connected and gets the most out of her sessions is incredible. A joy to attend. Thank you Nikki, you have a wonderful, calm, knowledgeable and reassuring manner that makes me feel at ease and confident in my practice.'